Announcement of quality and environmental policy

Our policy has been adopted by our employees and displayed in places that can be seen in all of our company's field of activity. Quality is part of the way that how a business is executed. In quality management, each division of the enterprise is responsible for the tasks of the framework drawn by the organization, the authorities, as well as the contribution to product formation.

Every employee of our company is obliged to report to the relevant management responsible for the quality inconsistency that he or she has identified, even if it is outside his area of responsibility. Our policy has been made available to interested parties via website and displayed in all offices and social areas.

Corporate duties, authorization and responsibilities

In our facilities, the authorization and responsibilities for the operational tasks have been determined. An organizational chart has been created to define tasks, responsibilities, authorities and the relationship between them. In our company, an executive officer is appointed by the business manager to fulfill the administrative system requirements. The responsibilities of the executive officer are determined by the Definition of Service specified in the organizational chart. Duties and responsibilities have been communicated to employees in a training format. The performance of the quality management system and the opportunities for improvement are reported to the top management. Customer oriented operations are encouraged.

While changes in the quality management system are planned and implemented, the integrity of the quality management system is secured. Taking into account the policy of our organization, necessary precautions have been identified and documented which will reduce the negative impacts on the environmental and occupational health of the population in the ship recycling facility by the person designated as responsible for the operation of the system in our facility.

The principal duties of the responsible person appointed by the top management in the operation of administrative system are as follows:

  • Establishment, implementation and sustainability of the processes required for the administrative system.
  • Reporting to the top management when there is a need for performance and improvement of the administrative system.
  • Ensuring the awareness of the quality, environment and worker safety within the company.
  • Cooperation with external organizations on issues related to the administrative system