In order to reach our targets in our activities we declare to undertake following clauses as administration:

Ship Recycling Management

  • To meet the needs and expectations of concerning parties with appropriate techniques and management on recycled ships.
  • To comply with national legislation related to ship recycling activities and to implement them.
  • To comply with the IMO-ILO Guidelines,
  • To comply with BASEL and HONG KONG Conventions and implement them.
  • To comply with EU Ship Recycling Regulations and implement them.
  • To maintain an Environment and Occupational Health and Safety and Quality Management System, which is supported by the top management and applied by all employees, supervised, monitored, publicly monitored and continuously improved, that supports the strategic direction of our activities and objectives.
  • To monitor the performance of our policy in reaching the target and to take precautions regarding the problems that are hindered.

Environmental Management

  • To prevent environmental pollution in our activities.
  • To secure the protection of the environment.
  • To monitor employees' environmental awareness
  • To contribute to energy conservation and reduction of natural resource use in our activities.

OHS Management

  • To take necessary precautions to prevent occupational accidents.
  • To be prepared for emergencies.
  • To create a participating and open for a change environment together with our employees.
  • To develop and monitor the awareness of the health and safety of our employees at all levels.
  • To prevent work accidents and occupational diseases.

Quality Management

  • To understand and meet customer requirements and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • To fulfill applicable conditions.
  • To ensure continuous improvement of the quality management system.