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The primary component of maritime vessels is steel. Consequently, a major product line that results from the dismantling of these ships is ferrous scrap. Since these vessels are uniformly constructed with high quality metal, the resultant scrap is generally considered outstanding. Some of the ferrous scrap products we offer include

Plate and Structural Steel :
Much of vessel structure is composed of grade A36 plate and structural steel. We are able to size it efficiently into 3’ and under or 5’ and under pieces. Smaller (or larger) sizes can be custom made as well. Plate and structural steel is often shipped by barge, rail or truck.

Re-roll Plate :
Since the construction of much of our ship inventory includes relatively flat, thick pieces, the Company is able to process re-roll plate with thickness ranging from _" to 2 _". Plate is typically sold by truck or rail car.

Heavy Melt #1, #2 :
Similar to plate and structural steel, the Company processes both heavy melt #1 and #2 into under 3’ pieces or under 5’ pieces, according to customer needs. Both trucks and rail cars may be used for its transport.

Mixed Cast :
Cast iron is available in 2’ by 3’ pieces (broken). It may be loaded onto rail cars or into trucks.

Sheet Metal (Tin) :
Typically unbundled, miscellaneous sheet metal and other thin ferrous products are typically sold via truck.

Other Ferrous Scrap Products :
Armor plating, pig iron (used as ballast) and shafting are examples of other ferrous products we offer.

Metals other than those containing steel (i.e. "non-ferrous" products) abound on maritime vessels. Examples of non-ferrous scrap are: aluminum, copper, brass and lead. These metals may be found in the ships’ propellers, wire, engine rooms, fire lines, weapons systems and superstructure. While Non-ferrous material is considerably more valuable than ferrous products by weight. Types of non-ferrous material include:

Aluminum :
Many of the ships we dismantle, particularly warships, are laden with substantial quantities of aluminum. Grades often available include 3000, 5000 and 6000 series and are sweated for delivery as 1,200 lb. And 1,500 lb. sows. Sample buttons are available to interested parties.

Brass :
Yellow (honey) brass, admiralty brass, red brass, high grade brass (both G and M), marine brass and other types of brass are available to be shipped, also in Gaylord boxes.

Copper :
Copper products, including copper #1, copper #2, bronzes and other red metal mixes are plentiful in vessel construction. These varieties can be shipped in Gaylord boxes.

Cupro-Nickel :
Cupro-nickel 70/30 and 90/10 are often processed from ship inventory. Typically, only a small percentage of non-ferrous output is comprised of cupro-nickel.

Lead :
Often, especially with Naval construction, lead is utilized as ship ballast. Many ships have hundreds of tons of lead available in bar form. In addition, our wire stripping facility separates lead sheathing from copper wire.

Other Non-Ferrous Scrap Products :
Monels (both K and R types), reefers, stainless steel and zinc are examples of the other non-ferrous products the Company offers for sale.

A large assortment of equipment is available dismantled ships. In addition to propulsion systems including generators and engines, standard ship necessities like anchors, chain and windlasses; one may find items from telex to kitchen galley tools. Beds, lockers, lighting fixtures, chairs, tables, desks are a few of the many items available for sale.

Given our wealth of experience in such fields as: maritime sales, vessel dismantling, scrap metals sales, we would be delighted to assist you in these areas.

Dismantling Ships
Dörtel’s shipbreaking operations are based on proven large-scale production process that focus on workers safety and environmental responsibility. We have assembled the most experienced management team in the industry and created specialized work crews that handle every aspect of the dismantling process. With existing facilities capable of dismantling vessels up to 30.000 mt-LDT. Since inception, Dörtel has recycled 82 vessels representing over 280.000 mt of material.

Dismantling Oil Rigs & Platforms
The Company’s employees have a wide range of cutting experience which includes far more than simply vessels. We have been involved with recycling offshore oil platforms, rail cars, oil tanks and other dismantling projects. Given the potential risks associated with their disposition, it is important to professionally, safely and environmentally-responsibly recycle such items.